Fall Rec League Rosters

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SPYB Rec Fall Rosters are below, their is 2 Divisions, a Little Ballers Division Ages 8-10 and a Junior Division 10-14. We attempted to make a 3rd Senior Division but unfortunately not enough players signed up, we will give refunds to anyone who committed to playing SPYB Fall Rec for the 14-18 Division. We apologize for the inconvenience we tried are best to make it happen, if you paid with a check, that check will not be deposited and anyone who paid with cash will be communicated with and refunded. As always if theirs any questions or concerns feel free to email southbball@yahoo.com direct and make sure to let us know your players name. Thank you!

Little Ballers Division

Bucs (Coach Bowman & Dimartinis)

  • Jacob Reizakis
  • John Bizzozero
  • Matthew Dimartinis
  • Caleb Bowman
  • Ryan Cardillo
  • Gavin Connolly
  • Weston Viau
  • June Blackwell
  • Isabella Swenson
  • Amelia Nesralla

Suns (Coach Ferretti & Jeffrey & Marzuq)

  • Ryan Ferretti
  • Andrew Ferretti
  • Nolan Mahan
  • Colin Brenner
  • Aven Lewis
  • Chloe Morgan
  • Keegan Jeffrey
  • Abdullah Marzuq
  • Abdulrahman Marzuq
  • Kalli Cotter

Junior Division

Bulls  (Coach Allen & Kane)

  • John Hobin
  • Nathan Lachance
  • Cameron Benefit
  • Josh Kane
  • Logan Jesse
  • Marcus Allen
  • Charlie Duseau
  • Kayleigh Devereaux
  • Mason Hutchinson

Spurs (Coach Bowman & Barriere)

  • Trevor Birch
  • Cam Wilson
  • Riley Chipman
  • Skylah Sherman
  • Chase Bowman
  • Trevor Morgan
  • Lucas Barriere
  • Marcus Cartwright

Celtics (Coach Dimartinis & Goncalves)

  • Nick Gravina
  • Lucas Gravina
  • Andy Goncalves
  • Lilly Reizakis
  • Joey Dimartinis
  • Caedon Bertino
  • Xavier Joachim
  • Lucas Madden

Lakers (Coach Saylor & Tye)

  • Angelo Lavoie
  • Cash Havens
  • Jacob Saylor
  • Rosney Kelly
  • Aiden Colby
  • Josh Semer
  • Caedon Boyd
  • Daniel Alexander
  • Jacob Jacobs