Spring Rec Rules

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RULES OF PLAY Spring Rec League 2022 (Updated on 03/30/2022 6:12 PM)

Junior Division is 2 x 16 Minute Halfs running time
Senior Division is 2 x 16 Minute Halfs running time

Overtime: 1 Minute stop clock & every foul is double bonus.

Substitutions: Subbing is every 4 minutes for both divisions, clock does not stop during subs, you got 10 seconds to sub then ball is put in play by the official(s). When subbing, no player can sit twice in a row and everyone has to sit at least once during the game, unless theirs only 5 players.  NOTE: The last 2 minutes of junior & senior division games, coaches will be able to substitute at their own discretion during any dead ball situation.  

Clock: Running Time until last 2 minutes of game it will be Stop Clock. However it’s running time if their is a lead over 20 points during that last 2 minutes of game, that goes for Junior & Senior Division.

Defense: Senior & Juniors Division All Man Defense, no double teaming outside of the key, no press till last 2 minutes of game for Junior Division, no press till last 4 minutes of game for Senior Division.  In addition, can’t press with a 20 Point Lead in any division, just to clarify both teams will not be able to press if their is a lead of 20 Points or more, even the team that is down can’t press in that situation. 

Fouls: Junior Division 6 Fouls. Senior Division 6 Fouls. One and One at 10 Fouls. Double Bonus 12 Fouls. Last Minute of Game any foul is Double Bonus that goes for Junior Division & Senior Division. In event of Overtime, it would be a 1:00 Minute overtime & each foul in overtime would be double bonus! 

Timeouts: One Time Out Per Half. (No Timeouts in Overtime, only time a time out carries over is if you didn’t use one during regulation. That timeout would carry over in overtime.

Little Ballers League. Only Man to Man defense is allowed. No team will press at anytime. No doubling teaming outside of the key.