Fall Rec Rules

RULES OF PLAY Fall Rec League

Junior Division is 2 x 16 Minute Halfs running time

Overtime: 1 Minute stop clock & every foul is double bonus. Timeouts carry over from the second half, no additional extra timeouts.

Substitutions: Subbing is every 4 minutes, clock does not stop during subs, you got 10 seconds to sub then ball is put in play by the official(s). When subbing, no player can sit twice in a row and everyone has to sit at least once, unless theirs only 5 players.

Clock: Running Time until last 1 minute of game it will be Stop Clock. However it’s running time if their is a lead over 10 points during that last 1 minute of game.

Defense: Juniors Division All Man Defense, no double teaming outside of the key, no press till last 2 minutes of game. 

Fouls: Junior Division 6 Fouls. One and One at 10 Fouls. Double Bonus 12 Fouls. Last Minute of Game any foul is Double Bonus.

Timeouts: One Time Out Per Half.