Travel Rosters

2021 SPYB Travel Rosters (Please Read Completely & Carefully and follow directions below to learn how to register for Travel Basketball!)

The Travel Rosters for the 2021 Season is posted below for players that tried out for Grades 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and a 7th/8th Mix Team & 4th Grade Travel Roster has now been posted on 11/16/2021 (4:00 PM) Travel Cost for this season is $425.00 make all Checks Payable to: “SPYB”, cash is also an accepted form of payment.    

  • Travel Season includes, full uniform, 1-2 practices a week, compete in a Winter Travel League, teams will also play in 2 tournaments.  

(PLEASE CONFIRM IF YOU WILL ACCEPT YOUR SPYB TRAVEL ROSTER SPOT, BY EMAILING SOUTHBBALL@YAHOO.COM OR CONTACTING COACH ALEX DIRECT (774)269-6486  (IF YOU ARE NOT ACCEPTING YOUR SPOT PLEASE CONFIRM THAT TOO THANK YOU) NOTE: 2nd/3rd Grade Travel Teams and Registration info will be posted by Friday, the travel season package will be different then our traditional travel teams. (All Info Will Be Included on Friday)

SPYB Travel Registration Nights are as Follows 

  • Wednesday November 17th @ South Elementary Gym from 5:30 PM-8:00 PM.
  • Thursday November 18th @ South Elementary Gym from 5:30 PM-8:00 PM.
  • Friday November 19th @ South Elementary Gym from 6:00-9:00 PM
  • Friday November 19th @ PSMS GYM 7:30-9:30 PM

If not paid by November 19th you can not play SPYB Travel Basketball, if theirs any issues please don’t hesitate to email  or communicate with Coach Alex direct 774-269-6486.  In addition you must download & print the 3 forms below and fill out completely & bring them with you to Travel Registration Night(s).  Please hand payment & all paperwork on Travel Registration Night(s)! In addition, Coaches will contact you with further instruction about practices & about the Travel Season.  Please Contact us ASAP if you can not commit to Travel, you can email us direct or contact Coach Alex direct 774-269-6486, please make sure to give us your name & your players name when communicating to avoid confusion, thank you 

4th Grade

  • Lucas Gravina
  • Ayden Conway
  • James Kirby
  • Lucas Coye
  • John Bizzozero
  • Kingston Brunke
  • Jacob Reizakis
  • Matthew Dimartinis
  • John Walsh
  • Ryan Cardillo
  • William wright
  • TJ Kirby

5th Grade

  • Cameron Wilson
  • Lilly Reizakis
  • Joey DiMartinis
  • Cole Campbell
  • Marcus Allen
  • Xavier Joachim
  • Ty Sherman
  • Chase Bowman
  • Kaelob Beaumont
  • Lucas Barriere

6th Grade

  • Anthony Geller
  • Thomas Otoole
  • James Alfieri
  • Reid Morgan
  • Ben Barcellos
  • Noah Bessette
  • Trevor Morgan
  • Henry Farrag
  • Rosney Kelly
  • Aidan Faucett
  • Zach Leitao

7th Grade

  • Logan Volkringer
  • Zade Ciberay
  • Quinn Denaro
  • Tucker Murphy
  • Trevor Birch
  • John Hoban
  • Nick Gravina
  • Josh Laping
  • Ethan Frene
  • Angelo Lavoie

8th Grade

  • Shane Mcdonald
  • Max Arnold
  • Matthew Eliason
  • Will Pettigrew
  • Ben Frechette
  • Brady Protz
  • Liam Wells
  • Braxton Werner
  • Jacob DePaul
  • Ben Barreiro
  • Aidan Nordberg

Mix 7th/8th Grade

  • Andy Goncalves
  • Cash Havens
  • Michael Reiche
  • Joe Rosania
  • Nathan Lachance
  • Jayden Morgan
  • Caleb Martin
  • Ryan Aprea
  • Jacob Saylor
  • Ty Quigg