Travel Rosters

2019 SPYB Travel Rosters (Please Read Carefully and follow directions below!)

The Travel Rosters for the 2019 Season is posted below for players that tried out for Grades 6th, 7th & 8th NOTE: ALL Rosters have been updated including 4th & 5th Grade!  Travel Cost for this season is $325.00 make all Checks Payable to: “SPYB”, cash is also an accepted form of payment. SPYB Travel Registration Night is November 8th @ South Elementary Gym from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM. If not paid by November 8th you can not play SPYB Travel Basketball, if theirs any issues please email us . In addition you must download & print the 3 forms below and fill out completely & bring them with you to Travel Registration Night.  Please hand payment & all paperwork on Travel Registration Night which is Friday November 8th! In addition, Coaches will contact you with further instruction about practices & about the Travel Season.  Please Contact us ASAP if you can not commit to Travel, you can email us direct, please make sure to give us your name & your players name, thank you 

4th Grade A

James Alfieri
Reid Morgan
Anthony Geller
Thomas O’Toole
Cameron Wilson
Lilly Reizakis
Ben Dudley
Joseph Dimartinis
Joshua Kane
Trevor Morgan
Cole Campbell
Henry Farrag

5th Grade A

Logan Volkringer
Zade Ciberay
Tucker Murphy
John Hoban
Quinn Denaro
Nicholas Gravina
Angelo Lavoie
Trevor Birch
Ethan Frene
Oliver Costello

6th Grade A

Shane Mcdonald
Max Arnold
Caedon Alderidge
Ben Frechette
William Pettigrew
Matthew Eliason
Brady Protz
Braxton Werner
Liam Wells
Ben Barreiro
Jacob Depaul

7th Grade A

Noah Brilliant
Vinny Cafarelli
Alessandro Marzullo
Hunter Lassige
Jameson Cassidy
Logan Patterson
Bryce Orlosky
Johnny Merlino
Matt Kirby
Drew Hirtle
Kenny Reichert
Jacob Barton

8th Grade A

Jack Regan
Jesse Hayes
Justin Lachance
Brady Hall
Dillon Volkringer
Aidan Morrow
Edison Schibley
David Kirby
Terrin Hockenberry
Ian Thompson
Kurt Yergatian

Middle School White

Cash Havens
Jacob Ghella
Braeden Reichert
Andy Goncalves
Noal Quinn
Jace Jacobs
Chase Makris
Landon Matewsky
Nathan Dudley
Anthony Rondeau
Jayden Morgan

Middle School Black

Eric Jacobs
Matt Crowley
Connor Campbell
Gavin Schultz
Charlie Farrag
Tyrell Lewis
Joe Rogan
JP Rondeau
Cole Vickery
Mason Mcnulty
Kyle Furman

Middle School Grey

Alex Carroll
Stevie Kirchdorfer
Sascha Robinson
Landon Medeiros
Devin Jones
Wesley Hudson
Christian Davis
Ben Bernard
Connor Whalen
Nick Kudrikow