Week 1 2018 SPYB Rec 7th & 8th Blog

12/07/2018 (Week 1, SPYB Rec 7th & 8th Grade Senior Division) 

Last night in SPYB Rec 7th & 8th Grade Senior Division. We had a battle of East vs West, all inter-league games. The first game of the night Sheridan Landscaping took on the Law Office of Scott B. Brilliant. This was the closest game of the night, The Law Office of SBB, took the lead early on the back of Dylan B who came out firing out the gate, ended the game with 15 points and added 6 steals and 7 assists to his statline, with Brady H chipping in with 4 points and 2 blocks. Sheridan Landscaping battled back on the shoulders of Corey W who scored 8 points but it ended up not being enough, Lachlan I. played with a lot of effort and chipped in 5 points as well. Law Office of SBB held on to win 31-27.

The next game of the night, Coastal Pest took on Pilgrim Auto Sales. Pilgrim Auto led by Tyler T started off fast and didn’t look back. Tyler T finished with a Double Double 24 Points and 14 Rebounds. Nathan F chipped in with 17 points and 8 rebounds of his own. Coastal Pest fought hard and made it a competitive game in the 4th quarter, they were led by Cole B who finished the game with 9 points and Jamie A who finished with 8 points. The final score was Pilgrim Auto 47 over Coastal Pest 28.

The next game of the night was AR Moor Realty taking on 1620 Builders. This game highlighted the player of the week for SPYB Rec League, Nate P of 1620 Builders who dominated from start to finish and ended the game with 33 points and 18 rebounds. Justin L of 1620 got 7 points of his own and 6 assists to help in this winning effort. AR Moor Realty fought hard as a team, with Sam B leading the way with 19 points, 6 of those points came by way of two 3 pointers, which ties him for the SPYB Rec 3 point lead. The final score was 1620 Builders 52 over AR Moor Realty 23.

The final game of the night was HD Landscaping taking on QuoteColo. This was one of the most exciting games of the night. QuoteColo led by Nolan P got to a 12-0 run to start the game. Nolan P finished the game with 13 points 3 Blocks and 4 steals. Tim S of QuoteColo had 9 points and 8 rebounds of his own to help in this winning effort, Nick R also chipped in with 7 points. HD Landscaping gave a great effort to get back into the game with Liam D & Declan D leading the way. They both finished with 10 points each, 6 of those points came by way of 3 pointers by Declan D, which ties him for the SPYB Rec 3 Point lead. It was a back and forth 4th quarter but eventually, QuoteColo was able to hold off HD Landscaping come back attempt. The final score was QuoteColo 37 over HD Landscaping 31.

That Concludes this week in SPYB Rec it was a great week for all 4 SPYB Rec Leagues. Make sure to tune in next week!


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